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Dark room escape

dark room escape

Play THE DARK ROOM online. ESCAPE THE ROOM free flash game. Sound Option. Bg Sound on. Bg Sound off. Effects on. Effects off. This is the th escape game from kartenspielkatzundmaus.review Assume that one day their is power cut in. 脱出ゲーム「ダークルーム」 攻略 Escape Game The Dark Room 공략. dark room escape

Dark room escape - you sit

First, orient your view such that you're looking at the side wall where the bulls-eye is in the top right corner. I only see one dot at the very top and that's it. Use the three buttons to make its colour combination on the corner swirl, then click the swirl. Continue this until all the walls are green. Tricky, but pay attention to the corners of ceiling and floor. I finished the game


How To Escape a Dark Room and Find Light


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